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Economics made Easy Class 12th| By TR Rustagi and Neha Malhotra


  • This book titled ‘Economics MADE EASY’ is based on 2022-23 syllabus and study material given by CBSE.
  • The book comprehensively covered the entire the entire study material and simplifies the subject matter of ECONOMICS ably supported by diagrams wherever necessary.
  • The book contains practice papers exclusively based on CBSE pattern for the year 2023.
  • Case studies based on real life situation has been included in the book and will certainly help the students in improving their performance in the exams,



 Complete Book of Economics

  • Strictly as per CBSE Syllabus and based on NEP
  • Well Elaborated Concepts
  • NCERT Questions
  • CBSE Sample Question Paper (2022-23)
  • Practice Papers (Solved and Unsolved)

Competency based  Questions

  1. MCQs
  2. Statement based
  3. Assertion Reasoning
  4. Case based




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