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Exam Master Marketing Class 12 Term 1


The salient features and USP of the book can be stated as follows

1. This is the first book on MARKETING (812) totally based on cbse syllabus and pattern

2. The concepts in the book are explained in a very simple manner

3. Wherever neccessary the various MARKETING concepts are explained with the help of diagrams.

4. The book contains CBSE sample paper along with 5 sample paper exactly on the same pattern as designated by CBSE .The marking scheme is also there along with OMR sheets

5. The book will help the students in a big way in cracking the Term 1 EXAMINATION of MARKETING

6. The book also contain Assertion and Reasoning based questions at the end of each chapter

7. Case studies and competency based questions are also given in each of the sample paper

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Exam Master Marketing Class 12 Term 1
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